Teaching: Marketing, Tourism, Research

My academic teaching is set up on high personal passion for education, ten years of experience as a lecturer, and a profound knowledge both in didactics as well as business administration. Transferring knowledge, sharing experience, and exchanging ideas is one of most rewarding and senseful tasks to me. My work as university lecturer bases on a (personally developed) T-P-E-I framework.

T – Theoretically founded.

P – Practically relevant.

E – Empathically need-orientated.

I – Interactively inclusive.

Currently I teach and supervise theses in the fields of marketing, tourism, and research at:

  • University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication Vienna
  • Seeburg Castle University
  • IU International University
  • University of Applied Sciences Burgenland
  • University of Applied Sciences CAMPUS 02 Graz