I write. For people and brands.
I write. For people and brands.



I write. For people
and brands.

As the name suggests: My WortShop provides the right words for online and offline communication. As a copywriter, I write for companies and support them with individual texts in building an authentic image and a likeable brand.

Let's keep it short.
At WortShop you get:

Online texts

websites, blogs, newsletters

Offline texts

folders, flyers, posters, magazines

Company names and brand slogans
Word plays and creations

e.g., company clothing, running shirts, car lettering

Texts for image films

script, voice-over


conception of corporate stories, consulting, content

WortShop. What you (don't) get.

Dusty advertising texts. Off-the-shelf content. Pigeonhole thinking. You won’t find that at WortShop. But what you get are lots of creative ideas, contemporary texts and tailor-made stories. Every slogan and every text that leaves WortShop and enters our wonderful world is unique. And that’s a good thing. Speaking of wonderful. There are no miracles in WortShop. But an open-minded thinker, passionate copywriter and experienced wordplayer.


Sharing knowledge.
With people and brands.

As the name suggests: WortShop provides the right words. And words are wonderful not only in written form, but also in oral form. My WortShop also offers coaching, courses and workshops. 

Let's make it short.
At WortShop you get:

Copywriting and writing workshops
Creative writing courses
Courses on scientific work and writing
Individual writing and advertising coaching

WortShop. What you (don't) get.

Old-fashioned courses. Sprawling monologues. Boring lectures. You won’t find that at WortShop. But interactive workshops and individual writing coaching sessions that can take place both offline and online. The aim is always to learn from each other, exchange experiences and gain new ideas and ways of thinking.

About me

Me and words.
Words and me.

That has always been a good story. When letters form words. Words grow into sentences. And in the end, whole texts emerge. Then I am completely in my element. Writing. That’s what I like to do and what I’m good at. I am not only a conceptionist, copywriter and storyteller, but also a reliable and loyal business partner.

Me and you. You and me.

All the people and brands I work for have one thing in common: they are full of ideas, visions and life. They write their own story. And together with WortShop, this becomes readable and transferred to the world. Through creative content, convincing texts and good stories.



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